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Great New Product Lines

Here are the latest new products that Island Natural now represents:

Truth Bar was founded on the belief that, in order to optimize our health and wellness, we need to embrace the whole truth of what our bodies need When we listen to our gut and give our bodies the whole foods and the right mix of vital nutrients that they crave, we can thrive like never before.



Field Trip Jerky is a fast growing brand formed by 3 friends who saw a need to transform meat snacks alternatives in a broken marketplace after tasting their first craft jerky on the ski slopes in Vermont. Owned and operated out of Brooklyn, NY, Field Trip saw the need for healthier protein-rich snacks that didn’t sacrifice quality and taste.


At enlightened, we create snacks that go beyond “better-for- you.” We believe that food should make you feel as good as it tastes, and we push boundaries and challenge convention when it comes to indulging and snacking. After all, being ENLIGHTENED isn’t just about one thing. It’s about finding balance in every day and having fun in every moment—and in every bite.


Dairy Free Organic Coconut Mylk.  -Health isn’t just about food. It’s how we relate to ourselves and each other. We need to treat ourselves with more love. And yes a big part of it starts with what we put in our bodies. So let’s make it taste awesome so it’s not a sacrifice.


Livity Live Raw Bar– an organic bar with live cultures and raw chocolate. Livity was born of the passion for kitesurfing, good food and living life at its finest.
Livity is culture, Culture to live,  Enjoy it.

You don’t have to imagine the ginger ! Proud descendant of the first soft drink, Bruce Cost Ginger Ale is delicious, sparking and rich with whole ginger (long enjoyed for digestive comfort.) Unique among ginger ales, it's made with only fresh ginger {no ginger extracts} and pure cane sugar.It even provides iron, calcium and a little vitamin A and C. Enjoy!



We like our ginger ale zingy, with all the bite nature intended. So we created five new usda organic-certified sodas, gently sweetened with plant-based stevia. Bold fizz in a svelte package, made with ingredients that are good for you and for the planet? We'll drink to that!


We created a snack that could help keep people at their best, disguised in a delicious cookie. A cookie for the people. So we chose the name republic to represent that we believe in the power of the people, and the rest is history!our cookies are baked with pure goodness. We are proudly committed to creating food that can truly feed you. Food that's not just nutritious but delicious, fun, and can keep you at your best, ready to face whatever each day brings.


Schmidt's started humbly in 2010 in a Portland, Oregon, kitchen, when founder Jaime Schmidt was pregnant with her son. … Schmidt's cuts no corners in our award-winning formula and the resulting product is extremely effective. We believe that the future of natural is in quality formulas that outperform their counterparts without compromising on ingredients. In an industry that's left users wanting more, we're committed to raising the bar and setting new standards for natural. We are Schmidt's Naturals.



We believe that food should be simple and delicious without compromising nutrition. We believe that food should be consumed as nature intended.We set out to create a whole food protein bar we felt good about eating and that made us feel great after we ate it. And we’re sticking to it.


Vermont and Granola seem to conjure up the same happy thoughts. Simple, relaxed, honest, easy-- true for the state as well as the snack. If we were to choose the perfect place for a granola company, right here, nestled in the beautiful Green Mountains would be it. Small Batch Organics, an ideal snack from an ideal state… of place and mind.


Chickpeas make delicious pasta. That’s why we used them to create Banza®. We took a household favorite and made it even better, turning the pasta you love into the pasta that loves you back! Chickpeas are a secret superfood - they're naturally gluten free, low on the glycemic index, and ours are certified non-GMO. It's ideal for every set of taste buds at your dinner party. Pretty impressive stuff beyond all that protein!


cious, hand-crafted biscotti are great alone or the perfect dipping companion to a steaming cup of coffee in the morning or a savored glass of vin santo after the evening meal. Buon Appetito!


Spindrift hopes to change how America experiences sodas. We start with triple purified sparkling water, fresh squeezed fruit or berry purée (pulp and all!), and a dash of cane juice. No syrups, no juice concentrates, no additives, no preservatives.